Paula Niehoff in Augsburg

On June 22, the Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell organized a dance workshop with “Small Talk” in Augsburg as part of the “Bavarian One World Days” with “Fair Handels Messe Bayern”.

The result of the workshop was presented as a dance flash mob at the opening of the fair.

The choreography was done by Paula Niehoff, who also performed the workshop. The Augsburg flash mob was the second follow-up video to “Small Talk” after Curacao. What we can already reveal …. more will follow.

Paula Niehoff

Many thanks to all who participated

“We only had 90 minutes to prepare for the performance.

None of you had any dancing experience.

You were great.

Many thanks to all who participated. Thank you for your power and perseverance at the workshop and for the great performance.”

Paula Niehoff