The first “Small Talk” Performance by a school

In February Lisa, a teacher at the Albert Einstein High School in Frankenthal / Germany, sent us great clips of performances on “Small Talk”.

Lisa developed the project with a sports course with a focus on gymnastics and dance.

Thanks to Lisa and everyone who took part.

Video editing: Noah Heinicke

The choreography comes from the students. Everyone involved worked on the project for 5 weeks. Most of the clips were made at the school, but also on the “Monte”, the highest point in Frankenthal. The video also includes the “Dubbeglasses” on shirts and sweaters. More about the shirts below.



Pupils at the Albert Einstein Gymnasium in Frankenthal/Germany had founded a company and sold t-shirts and sweaters with their own design.

The special feature: the local reference. All shirts and sweaters are printed with a motif that is typical of the region:
“Dubbeglasses”, wine glasses commonly used in the Region .

And … the shirts and sweaters are Fairtrade.