"Nobody wants to by something that was made by exploiting somebody else"

Jerry Greenfield

"Your life is your message to the World. Make sure it's inspinspiring"

"I always wondered why somebody don't do something. Then I realized, I am somebody"


We can make the world Fair


Fairtrade is a poverty reduction strategy.

Farmers in Africa, Latin America and Asia are given the opportunity, through their own efforts, to strengthen their villages and families and sustainably improve their living and working conditions through Fairtrade standards, which include a Fairtrade Premium.

Fairtrade peasants and workers receive a voice, are perceived and make self-determined decisions.


Why Fairtrade

Farming families and plantation workers in the so-called developing countries are living under pressure from the world market, fluctuating prices and exploitative local trade.

The consequences range from debt to unemployment to impoverishment.

There are often only a few alternatives to traditional production, and unfortunately these also include drug cultivation, prostitution, exploitative child labor and fleeing to the slums of the big cities or emigration.



Support the Fairtrade Idea

Fairtrade – for those who live in countries where you can buy Fairtrade products

  • Decide when shopping for Fairtrade products.
  • Support the many charitable Fairtrade organizations with your ideas and active participation. These include one-world initiatives as well as Fairtrade Towns, schools and universities.
  • Participate in our performance project  

Fairtrade – for everyone in the rest of the world


Take part in our performance project.
Together we want to set a signal for more
Global Justice.

Performance Project for Fairtrade
and Global Justice