The soccerclub whose matchball is Fairtrade

Since 2020, the Gröbenzell Fairtrade Soccerball is the official match ball for FC Grün-Weiss Gröbenzell – in a slightly different color variant, coordinated with the club’s colors.

Thanks to Marie.
She designed the layout, which became the template for the Gröbenzell ball and thus also for the match ball of
FC Grün-Weiß Gröbenzell.

The designs were implemented together with Bad Boyz Ballfabrik.
Bad Boyz Ballfabrik (Nuremberg / Germany) specializes in implementing individual ball layouts and then having them produced in a Fairtrade ball factory in Pakistan.




FC Grün-Weiß Gröbenzell

In 2020 we started our joint “Small Talk” performance project
with Grün-Weiß Gröbenzell.

Thanks to everyone who made this video possible.

And to the Soccer Club FC Grün-Weiß Gröbenzell for this great signal for Global Justice and Fairtrade.