Zachäuskirche Gröbenzell in Tanzania

“Small Talk” – project with the Konde Diocese Since 1977, there is a partnership between the Protestant-Lutheran Prodekanat Munich-west / Germany, which also includes the Zachäusgemeinde Gröbenzell, and the Konde diocese in the southwest of Tanzania. The partnership lives from encounters. Almost every year, such encounters take place between the diocese of Munich-West and the Konde diocese. This time around: two Gröbenzeller Fairtrade footballs with air pumps and the song “Small Talk”

Video editing: Noah Heinicke

Our “Small Talk” project

“We filmed the video with children from the Iwambi orphanage in Mbeya. The other clips for the video are from various choirs from our partner diocese.” Susanne Kießling-Prince, Zachäuskirche Gröbenzell  

“We gave the two footballs to the children of the Iwambi orphanage and to the young people of our partner community Isanga in Mbeya.”  

The people

The Konde diocese, which stretches from Mbeya in the north to Lake Malawi in the south, is considered the most beautiful and greenest diocese in Tanzania. People mainly live from agriculture and market their products like bananas, mangoes, avocados, tomatoes, potatoes and carrots and much more on their own.

The country

Tanzania, a state in East Africa, is located directly on the Indian Ocean. The Ruaha National Park in the south of the country is the largest national park in East Africa. He is known for his large elephant population and a paradise for predators.