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With the Fairtrade Song “Small Talk”.


Let’s stand together:

Artists  and the wonderful people who work for Fairtrade and Global Justice.

Small Talk

Performance Project for Fairtrade and Global Justice


Join our Project
for Global Fairness

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With “Small Talk”.
The Song for Fairtrade and Global Justice.

Hello to everybody who wants to take a stand for global justice and the idea of Fairtrade.

In March 2018 we released our Fairtrade Song „Small Talk“ –  together with its official music video.

We want to carry this song around the world by connecting it to dance and performance videos.

Wherever you live: In Europe, Africa, America, Asia or Australia. Join us with your own performance video!

For a fair and solidary world!

Recent News and Performances

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Welcome 2020!

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Kenji Shinohe

Kenji Shinohe

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Mbeya – Tansania

Mbeya – Tansania

“Small Talk” – project with the Konde Diocese Since 1977, there is a partnership between the Protestant-Lutheran Prodekanat Munich-west / Germany, which also includes the Zachäusgemeinde Gröbenzell, and the Konde diocese in the southwest of Tanzania.

Create your “Small Talk” Fairtrade Performance


  • Organize a performance with the song “Small Talk“.
  • Download the original or the backing track from our website.
  • Create a video of your performance.
    Don’t forget to take pictures.
Video Post
  • Send us your video file (e.g. via “WeTransfer”) to
  • Alternatively: put your video online (Vimeo or YouTube) and send us a link.
  • Please attach project-pictures and information about you.
  • Or, send us your video or video sequences and your pictures.
What we do
  • We put your video with your information on our website blog and world map.
Our support

We support you gladly and look forward to your message:

Our Project Partner:

The Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell

The Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell / Germany is supporting our project.

Performance Project for Fairtrade
and Global Justice