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Create a Performance-Video with “Small Talk”.
The Song for Fairtrade and Global Justice
Hello to everybody who wants to take a stand for global fairness and the idea of Fair Trade and who loves dance and music.

Since march 2018 there is our Fairtrade Song „Small Talk“. We want to bring „Small Talk“ around the world and with that connect the song to dance and performance.

For Fairness and Solidarity

Together with you we want to set an example: For a fair and solidary world. Join us! Wherever you live. In Europe, Africa, America, Asia or Australia.

Create your “Small Talk” Fairtrade Performance

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  • Organize a performance with the song “Small Talk“.
  • Download the original or the backing track from our website.
  • Create a video of your performance. Don’t forget to take pictures.
  • Send us your video file (e.g. via “WeTransfer”) to
    Alternatively: put your video online (Vimeo or YouTube) and send us a link.

  • Please attach project-pictures and information about you.

  • Or, send us your video or video sequences and your pictures,
    and we’ll make the video for you.
  • We put your video with your information on our website blog and world map.
  • We support you gladly and look forward to your message:

Latest Videos

Lithuania – Kaunas

Lithuania – Kaunas

This project was designed by Gabrielle Aidulis, a dancer from Lithuania.
The performance was created in Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania.

„Small Talk“ Follow-Up-Video: Flashmob in Augsburg

„Small Talk“ Follow-Up-Video: Flashmob in Augsburg

Paula Niehoff in Augsburg

On June 22, the Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell organized a dance workshop with “Small Talk” in Augsburg as part of the “Bavarian One World Days” with “Fair Handels Messe Bayern”.

“Small Talk” is online

“Small Talk” is online

The “Small Talk” Video in Gröbenzell

Everything started in 2017. Together with the Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell / Germany and 16 children we produced a Fairtrade music and dance video.


“Small Talk” on Instagram

“Small Talk” on Instagram

With instagram, in addition to the videos, we will also introduce the people involved in the performances.
And we use the opportunity to report on exemplary Fairtrade projects and ideas.

Our World Map of Fairness and Solidarity

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World Placeholder

Our Project Partner

Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell

The Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell / Germany is supporting our project.
If you want to know more about the town’s activities around Fairtrade, klick on the picture.