The “Small Talk” Video in Gröbenzell  

Everything started in 2017. Together with the Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell / Germany and 16 children we produced a Fairtrade music and dance video.

The video was released in March 2018. With the video, we have created the Fairtrade Song  “Small Talk”. 

From this, the idea for our performance project was born.

Gröbenzell 2017: Paula Niehoff, Tonio Geugelin, Enrico Meijer

Paula Niehoff


Tonio Geugelin


Enrico Meijer


Thank you very much for your participation

“Many thanks to all who participated:

To the many helpers for helping with the filming and the participants in our video shoot.

With your passion and power you’ve made it a positive and vibrant video. ”

Paula, Tonio and Enrico