We had already presented our new Gröbenzeller Fairtrade video “Small Talk” in the Gröbenzeller Bürgerhaus-Saal and on May 2nd in the Gröbenzeller Kino. On the 9th of June we presented our performance project live for the first time: at the “Gröbenzeller Buntfest”.

Our project start in Gröbenzell

Dance flash mob by students from the Fairtrade Realschule Puchheim

The flash mob was part of the life presentation of “Small Talk”. Many thanks to the pupils of the Fairtrade Realschule Puchheim for participation and the post on the Fairtrade-Schools Blog.

With: Nadine, Laura, Sana, Esja, Noah

16 children and adolescents participated in the shooting in 2017 for the Gröbenzeller Fairtrade video “Small Talk”.

Without them, the project would not have come about. Nadine, Laura, Sana, Esja and Noah introduced themselves on stage. Thanks a lot for this.