Fair play starts before the game

Students from Fairtrade Gymnasium Gröbenzell / Germany created 23 designs for a Fairtrade soccerball.
One of these designs became the Fairtrade Ball of the Fairtrade Town Gröbenzell …

… and from the end of January also the official game ball of the soccer club FC Grün-Weiss Gröbenzell.

FC Grün-Weiss Gröbenzell

And now, together with
FC Grün-Weiss Gröbenzell:

A  new “Small Talk Project”

The shooting with the great people of
FC Grün-Weiss is finished.

  • In good time!
  • Before the Coronae-related restrictions.

We are very happy:
In October we will present the first soccer “Small Talk” Performance Video.